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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For My Smile?


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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You The Smile You Want!

Cosmetic dentistry improves the look of your smile by giving you straighter, brighter, whiter teeth.

We love answering the question, “what can cosmetic dentistry do? Cosmetic dentistry from  the dentists of Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, MN can not only improve the appearance of your teeth, it can improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

Types of cosmetic dentistryCosmetic Dentistry

  • Contouring and Reshaping: Tooth contouring and reshaping can help transform the look of crooked or even overlapping teeth. View images of our before and after cosmetic dental work.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Veneers involve attaching a thin piece of porcelain or plastic to the front of your tooth, giving them a brand new lease on life and achieving whatever smile you want to have! Not only do they offer a whiter grin, but they also can correct crookedness and gapping.
  • Bonding: Bonding is another cosmetic dentistry procedure that can close gaps or alter the tooth colo. It uses a tooth-colored material applied to the teeth. It can repair decayed teeth, make them longer, or even protect the tooth’s root if the gum recedes.
  • Tooth Whitening: Tooth whitening is a common procedure that can rapidly whiten your smile after discoloration due to aging or staining. Many teeth-whitening options are now available over-the-counter but first, speak to your Plymouth dentist to see if these products are right for you. Not all types of discoloration will respond to this type of whitening. For a faster, more effective solution, in-office whitening can be done in just one visit with your dentist.

The dentists of Smile Design Dentistry offer all of these cosmetic dentistry services, along with implants, braces, and so much more.

When considering cosmetic dentistry, it is important to visit a Plymouth, SC dentist who offers a range of options to determine what may be right for you. If you are unhappy with your teeth for any reason, visit the dentists at Smile Design Dentistry to discover an easy and affordable option to improve your smile.

We’d love to help you plan your perfect smile. Call us at (763) 537-1238.

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