Before and After Images of Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry, Plymouth MN

Before and After Images of Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry, Plymouth MNSmile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, Minnesota has been providing exceptional cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years.

exceptional cosmetic dentistryWhile most dentists claim to be “Cosmetic Dentists” not many can match our dental experience having done thousands of smile designs, reconstructions and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Jensen began his advanced cosmetic training when he completed a 2-year program in comprehensive orthodontics in the late 1980’s.

From there he completed an advanced cosmetic program at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and completed several weeks of training at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne Florida. Dr. Moore is advancing his studies in cosmetic dentistry and has also dedicated himself to the core belief at Smile Design Dentistry that every procedure should be done to create ultimate esthetics.

Offering a Full-Range of Cosmetic Dental Solutions

In our practice, Cosmetic Dentistry is defined as dentistry which improves the health and appearance of the teeth while enhancing the smile and idealizing function and durability. Cosmetic enhancement might be as easy as reshaping teeth or improving the color with a simple whitening procedure. We have limited our practice to using only white [composite] fillings. We proudly have not placed an mercury-amalgam filling for over 20 years.

Other cosmetic options that we offer in our practice would include:

• Traditional orthodontics [ braces ]


• Composite fillings and veneers

• Porcelain veneers and crowns

• Implants

• KOR whitening both in-office and take home options

• Full mouth rehabilitation Laser gum reshaping

• Laser gum recontouring

“We offer cosmetic dental solutions for all patients wanting to enhance their smiles.”


Please visit our Smile Design Orthodontic page for a comprehensive overview of our orthodontic services including both braces and Invisalign.

Composite fillings and veneers:

One of the greatest discoveries in the history of dentistry is composite filling material. Although it has been available in various forms for over 50 years it has been the last 20 years that have brought the greatest changes to dentistry. Composite fillings not only look like natural teeth they bond to the teeth. Done incorrectly composite fillings can actually create new problems. Having done thousands and thousands of them at Smile Design Dentistry over the years you can be assured they will be well done.

before and after image of cosmetic composite fillings and veneers We also use composite materials extensively to restore front teeth. It is a reasonably priced alternative used to rebuild teeth, reshape teeth, lighten teeth or to reconstruct bad bitesreconstruct bad bites. In reconstruction cases, we often use it to create a “try-out bite.” This allows us to create the ideal smile and make sure it is comfortable and you are happy before we begin replacement with porcelain.

Porcelain crowns and veneers:

Porcelain technology has also changed a great deal in the last 10 years opening up more esthetic options. We now are using a material call lithium disilicate or e-max. This material has allowed us to create absolutely beautiful crowns and veneers while not giving up strength we used to have with metal crowns.

composite materials used to restore front teeth

BERORE and AFTER Photos of composite fillings and composite veneers

BERORE and AFTER Photos of composite fillings and composite veneers

Our protocol for doing cosmetic work is very comprehensive. We begin every case with a complete exam and work up. We begin by designing the case in the lab on models of your teeth. You then have the opportunity to approve the new smile before we ever start working on your teeth. Once you have approved the new design we will prepare the teeth and make temporary composite teeth for you with the new design. You then get to try these out to make sure you are thrilled before we have our final porcelain veneers or crowns made. Our technique gives you control through the entire process so there are no surprises along the way.

Here are a few photos showing how we do a waxup blueprint prior to beginning our work.


Please visit our dental surgery implant page for a complete overview of our Implant services.

KOR Whitening:

Over the last 20 years we have provided tooth whitening procedures on thousands of patients. We have used many different products over the years but today are primarily using a brand called KOR. We have had great results with most of our products but are excited about this material because it is very effective and seems to create far less sensitivity. We offer several different whitening options depending on the depth of discoloration.

Most people can make very significant changes using the take home material for about 10-15 days. For the more complex color changes, we offer several in-office options to be done in conjunction with the take home material. There is no cosmetic procedure that will give patients a bigger cosmetic change for the cost than tooth whitening. We encourage all of our patients beginning cosmetic care with us to start with a whitening procedure.

Full mouth rehabilitation:

For our patients with more complex problems we offer full mouth rehabilitation. In our society today people are more stressed than ever, living longer and keeping their teeth longer than ever in history. It is common for the teeth to wear down and for extensive rebuilding to be required. Much like our veneer cases these rehabilitation cases begin with a new bite being constructed on plaster models in the lab. Using this new bite as our blueprint we can then construct the new bite using composite to create the ideal bite and smile.

Once we are all happy with the appearance and function we then begin replacing the composite with porcelain crowns. This technique allows our patients to move at their own pace. Because this procedure can become costly it is nice to have the option to spread out the procedure over a long duration of time while always working towards a preplanned end goal.

Before and After Gum Reshaping Images &Testimonial

Before and After Gum Reshaping Images &TestimonialLaser gum reshaping:

Very often we find patients have excessive gum tissue hiding their beautiful teeth giving them a shorter appearance than ideal. We strive to give teeth their ideal length for maximum esthetics. After a thorough gum evaluation, we like to discuss the various options available to you to re-contour your gums to enhance your smile. We do the majority of our gum reshaping using a diode laser. The beauty of this procedure is that it can be done painlessly; it heals quickly and will instantly make a beautiful change.

“My Dental Experience with Dr. Corey Jensen – May 22, 2018
I have had problems with TMJ and daily headaches for several years. Through the last 4 years, I have had Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Dental Implants and extensive dental work. I am impressed with the way that Dr. Jensen and his staff along with the other doctors have worked together through this whole process.

I do not have daily headaches and my teeth are beautiful.
Dr. Jensen is very professional and his attention to detail is amazing. I feel very blessed to have him and the staff at Smile Design Dentistry to rely on.

Thank-you, Judy Simpson

Testimonial – Teeth Whitening and Crowns

“I am very pleased with the results.” – Scott Oppenheimer

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