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The Professional Teeth Whitening Advantage

If you’re dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, you’ve probably attempted to whiten them yourself. Over-the-counter whitening strips, brightening toothpaste, home remedies like oil pulling or baking soda. While all these options may subtly brighten your stained teeth, most patients don’t see the results they desire using these methods. Your best solution to brighten your teeth, and have the results last long-term, is professional teeth whitening from a qualified cosmetic dentist! Our team at Smile Design Dentistry offers affordable professional teeth whitening in Plymouth, MN that can brighten your teeth multiple shades lighter, often in just one visit to our office!
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Comparing Teeth Whitening Solutions

There’s a reason professional teeth whitening is preferred over other methods. Over-the-counter whitening strips may work for some time, but often cause tooth and gum sensitivity and wear down the tooth enamel if used too often. Home remedies, such as baking soda and activated charcoal, are often abrasive and can result in enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity as well. In almost all cases with these methods, results may take weeks or even months to show, and even then, produce minimal effects.

Contrarily, our in-office teeth whitening in Plymouth, MN provides instantaneous and dramatic results in just a few hours. The professional-grade bleaching agents found in our whitening solutions soak deep into your tooth enamel, to remove both internal and external stains. Our cosmetic dentists will help you determine the proper peroxide concentration, time, and frequency of application to avoid discomfort while producing the best results for you. Generally, if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine and limit habits that can stain teeth, your smile can remain noticeably white for longer!

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The Advantages of Professional Teeth Bleaching

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Our Custom Teeth Whitening Options

Our cosmetic dentists at Smile Design Dentistry offer three options to have your teeth professionally whitened. The most budget-friendly, “one-size-fits-all” options start around $50 for basic whitening kits. Next, custom whitening trays tend to be the most comfortable and are the most affordable option for the stunning results they produce. As a bonus, “touch-ups” can typically reuse these same trays (a cost savings to you) if you’ve not made any major changes to your teeth. Lastly, in-office whitening is the quickest way to jumpstart your whitening process. This is our most expensive solution but can provide dramatic results immediately, with many patients needing just one whitening session to get a smile they love! You can pay for our in office chairside Opalescence teeth whitening in Plymouth, MN through CareCredit®, which helps spread out fees into manageable monthly payments. No matter the condition of your teeth, we have the whitening solutions you need at the prices you can afford!

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