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Advanced Dental Technology offers Complete Smile Makeovers in Plymouth, MN.

Using some of the latest technology, the dentists and dental team at Smile Design Dentistry can improve your oral health and smile in ways that weren’t even imaginable a few years ago. We use a variety of dental tools to enhance your experience at our office

Our Services Using Advanced Dental Technology include:

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Meeting your Dental Needs with Advanced Dental Technologies

We have embraced new digital technologies at Smile Design Dentistry to make you visit with us more informative, make it easier for you to understand your treatment needs, and help us provide more comfortable and predictable dental care. We have been using digital photos and X-rays in our practice for over a decade. It allows you to be a partner in your treatment plan. We can show you in real time what is going on in your mouth and any oral health concerns we have. It also allows us to follow up on areas of breakdown and track your oral health across visits. We can also easily access your digital chart to get you the answers you need when calling in with questions about you dental needs.

Use of Digital Impressioning in our Dental Office

We have begun to use digital impressioning in most cases for your crowns and bridges, along with all Invisalign clear braces. This means we limit the use of all that goop that was associated with getting a crown in the past. Not only does this provide a better experience, but a more accurate impression. This decreases the time you need to spend in the office as we deliver the crown and makes for a better fitting final product. Laser dentistry is also advancing the options and comfort of some of your surgical procedures. We can sculpt gum tissues, expose implants, remove ecess tissue around crowns, help disinfect gum disease sites along with many other treatment avenues. Not only can it work to kill bacteria in your mouth, the process of healing is more comfortable for you and typically requires less healing. It also offers protection from risks of gingivitis. As traditional methods to provide dental care have transitioned to newer dental technologies, we offer our patients fast, more comfortable procedures that effectively care for your family’s dental needs. Your oral health directly impacts your overall well-being. Our commitment to you is to continue to incorporate technology that is proven, reliable and makes your dental experience more enjoyable. At Smile Design Dentistry, we strive to provide and rely upon predictable and beautiful dentistry. Technology today allows us to do fulfill that mission more easily than ever! If you are needing an oral surgery, you will find it is so much easier and more pain free today.

We Can Help You Achieve a Beautiful Smile!

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