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Root Canals Remedy Deep Dental Issues

Lingering tooth sensitivity after eating or drinking something hot or cold? Sharp pain when biting or chewing? A toothache is almost always a sign that infection has damaged the pulp within your tooth root. Without treatment, pain lingers, with both tooth abscess and extraction becoming risks. If you’re experiencing any noticeable symptoms, especially a severe toothache, we have a solution!

Our dentists at Smile Design Dentistry are trained and experienced in providing root canals and endodontic retreatment. We also partner with leading insurance companies to ensure your entire treatment process is painless and easy. Don’t let the stigma surrounding this procedure keep you from getting care! Your root canal in Plymouth, MN will comfortably eliminate your tooth pain (not cause more) and ultimately save your natural tooth!

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How Root Canals Save Teeth

If the pulp inside your tooth roots becomes infected, this and the bacteria inside the canal must be removed to save your tooth and your overall health. This can be the result of a severe tooth crack or fracture, injury to a tooth, or extensive tooth decay that has reached the inside of the tooth. Root canals treat and remove the dangerous infection and inflammation inside your tooth before it can spread. You won’t feel any pain during this procedure, though you may experience slight pressure. Many patients compare our root canals to having a cavity filled!

Our Root Canal Process

During your root canal in Plymouth, MN, our dentist will first numb the treatment site with local anesthetic. We also provide sedation services if you need assistance relaxing during your appointment. We’ll remove a portion of your tooth crown to gain access to the pulp chamber and clear out all the infection, bacteria, and damaged pulp and tissues. Disinfecting and cleaning the canals is the next step before filling them with a hardening material call gutta-percha. Your tooth will then be sealed to keep bacteria from entering the chamber and root canal. You’ll need a dental crown to ensure your tooth remains strong and functional after treatment.

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Infected tooth and abcess

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Tooth cleaned and shaped

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Root filling replaced

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Permanent filling or crown placed

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Benefiting from Root Canal Therapy

Once your root canal procedure is complete, you’ll be able to live a comfortable and functional life again without any tooth pain. We’ll provide the necessary instructions to ensure your recovery is fast and healthy. In general, you can expect the following benefits from treatment:

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