Orthodontics Keep Your Smile Healthy

Plymouth MN Orthodontics Effectively Keeps Your Smile Healthy

What Can Orthodontic Braces Do for Me?

Braces, called orthodontic treatment, don’t just make your teeth straighter. They can also keep your smile healthy by making it easier for you to clean your teeth effectively. Your dentists at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, MN want you to know the many benefits of orthodontic treatment. This post will cover how orthodontics can keep your smile healthy.

Your Plymouth dentists at Smile Design Dentistry offer a full range of orthodontic treatments including conventional braces, and Invisalign, the virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. The goal of their orthodontic treatment is to give you a straight, cosmetically beautiful smile, but also to make your new smile easier to clean and care for properly.

If your teeth are crowded, it can be difficult to floss in between your teeth because the floss gets caught and can shred, leaving you with a mess. Crowded teeth are more prone to decay and gum or periodontal disease because disease-causing bacteria can get in between your teeth, even if you can’t.

Orthodontics Protects Your Overall HealthBraces

For gapped or widely spaced teeth, you can have more plaque accumulation. Your mouth is designed by nature to be somewhat self-cleansing when you chew. Gapped or widely spaced teeth don’t have a tooth immediately next to them, so they aren’t as self-cleansing as the rest of your mouth.

Twisted or rotated teeth are also more difficult to floss and keep clean and have the potential for bone loss and loss of soft tissue attachment, the beginning of periodontal disease. Our dental orthodontic services can hlep transfrom your smile into a beautiful and healthy one!

A poorly aligned bite can decrease your chewing ability, which impacts your digestion and your overall health. An uneven bite can also cause excessive and uneven wear on your teeth. When one or more of your teeth experiences excessive biting trauma or stress, it can increase the possibility if you needing a root canal on those teeth.

Why Orthodontics Keep Your Smile Healthy

If you want to have a healthy mouth, it begins with great brushing and flossing habits at home. Orthodontics can make it much easier for you to clean your mouth effectively. Whichever orthodontic treatment you choose, your dentists at Smile Design Dentistry will give you the tools and instruction you need to take care of your mouth, before, during and after orthodontic treatment. So don’t wait!

Call your dentist of choice at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, MN and find out more about how braces can keep your smile healthy. (763) 537-1238

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