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Protect Your Teeth This Hockey Season

Protect Your Teeth During Minnesota Hockey Season

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How to Protect Your Teeth While Playing Hockey

Make sure nothing happens to your gorgeous smile while on the rink this year.

Dental injuries are more common than you may realize, especially among athletes. If you are looking forward to getting out on the ice for a rousing hockey game then you’ll want to be properly equipped—and we don’t just mean for your body; we mean for your smile, too! If you want to hold on to that smile then follow these simple rules from the office of your Plymouth, MN family dentists Dr. Ali Mohebbi, Dr. Brett Moore and Dr. Corey Jensen.

Pop in that Mouth  Guard  before playtime

You’ll see many hockey players wearing mouthguards to protect their teeth from damage. While these guards should be worn because they do provide an additional layer of resilience for each tooth they won’t be able to protect your smile from a fast-flying puck. If you want to prevent teeth from being knocked out then live by this next rule…

Always wear a face maskProtect Your Teeth This Hockey Season

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a heavy-duty goalie mask (unless you’re the goalie, of course!) but you should be wearing ample protection. This means opting for a regular hockey face mask, which looks just like a goalie mask but is lighter. These masks are still durable enough to be hit with a 90 mile-an-hour puck! Wearing a face mask might not be the most fun part of the game but it certainly beats an emergency trip to our Plymouth, MN dental office.

Always play it safe when it comes to your smile and opt for the mouthguard and the face mask during practice and for all of your games. This will give you the protection you need to make sure that your smile doesn’t incur permanent damage.

Incorporate Dental Checkup in your Kids Back-to-School Routine

Top 5 tasks for improving your kids’ oral health as they go back to school:

  1. Schedule their routine dental check-up.
  2. Establish daily oral health routines.
  3. Replace toothbrushes and get new flossing supplies.
  4. Eat healthy lunches and snacks. Protect against injuries.
  5. Buy a trusted mouth guard if needed for sports activities.

If you have any questions about how to protect your beautiful smile this season turn to the dental experts at Smile Design Dentistry. Call our office today!

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