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Mending Your Gummy Smiles

Mending Your Gummy Smiles

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Mending Your Gummy Smiles

Visit our family dental practice in Plymouth, MN to see how we can help you improve your looks by correcting you gummy smile.Gum Disease

In most cases when patients are interested in cosmetic dentistry, it's to correct a problem with the shape, position or color of their teeth. Tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, and braces can successfully address those issues. But in some cases the patient's gums are the problem. Learn how the dentists at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth can mend a gummy smile.

What Exactly is a Gummy Smile?

When someone smiles, the ideal appearance is to have just a bit of the gums showing. Dental experts estimate that the ideal tooth length (for the front teeth that show when you smile) is about 10 millimeters with a 75 to 85 percent tooth to gum ratio. Unfortunately, some people have what is called a gummy smile,” where more of their gums show than teeth when they smile (about 4 millimeters of gumline is considered gummy). This may be caused by the position of the upper lip, the upper jaw, the length of each tooth or just the amount of gum tissue. 

Ways we go About Mending a Gummy Smile

Take a moment to peruse through our client orthodontics Before & after images. You can have your gummy smile fixed at Smile Design Dentistry, PLLC, a cosmetic dentistry in Plymouth that specializes in this type of treatment. There are a few ways that it can be corrected:

  • Periodontal plastic surgery, where gum tissue is removed to show more of the tooth.
  • Crowns or veneers added to make the teeth appear longer.
  • Botox or surgery to restrict how high the lip raises when you smile.
  • A procedure to reposition the jaw called orthognathic surgery.

The Finishing Touches for a Beautiful Smile

After a gummy smile is fixed, you may still need a few cosmetic treatments to get the perfect “Hollywood” smile that you’ve always wanted. You may want to discuss other cosmetic options with your dentist, including professional tooth whitening, braces or Invisalign to ensure that your teeth are just right.

A More Attractive Smile is on the Horizon

You don't have to continue to hide your gummy smile. Call (763) 537-1238 today to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth. At your consultation, you and your dentist will develop a treatment plan to give you a better looking smile with a more natural proportion of teeth and gums.

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