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Why Should I Get Nite White or ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Why Should I Get Nite White or ZOOM Teeth Whitening

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What’s my Benefit of Getting Nite White or ZOOM Teeth Whitening?

The look of your smile just isn’t what you want it to be. Do you want whiter teeth? Over time, stains have darkened and yellowed the enamel, and the tooth surface is dull. Tooth enamel and the inner layer called dentin can become discolored from a number of things. Our Nite White Teeth Whitening solution may be just what you need.

How Your Teeth Get Stained or Darken

  • aging
  • highly colored or acidic foods such as soy sauce, blueberries, curry and tomato products
  • beverages such as coffee, black tea, cola and red wine
  • certain medications
  • chewing tobacco or smoking

The American Dental Association recommends that individuals interested in brightening their teeth consult their dentists to see what option is best for their particular situation. While whitening toothpaste and rinses help tooth color, individuals without extensive decay, gum disease or multiple restorations should explore professional whitening at Design Dentistry. Preventive dental care reduces the need for oral surgery later on.

Plymouth, MN cosmetic dentists Corey Jensen, DDS, FAGD, Brett Moore DDS, Elizabeth Martin DDS, FAGD, and Ali Mohebbi, DDS, DICOI, MBA, can evaluate how whitening could work for your teeth–either in the dental office or at home. The Design Dentistry team offers two teeth whitening options: in-office Zoom! whitening and Nite White at-home teeth whitening.

Zoom! WhiteningTeeth Whitening

Popular, safe and very effective, Zoom! whitening uses a professional grade hydrogen peroxide gel to bleach stains from deep inside tooth enamel. Whitening patients spend about an hour in the dental chair. The dental professional takes care to protect lips, cheeks, and gums from the bleaching agent and then swabs the gel onto the teeth. The chemical is allowed to work for 15 minutes before being rinsed off. Two more 15-minute applications complete the relaxed and comfortable process. A special Zoom! light accelerates the whitening gel.

After the procedure, patients see that their teeth are several shades lighter. With touch-ups at home and good oral hygiene, super bright smiles last indefinitely.

Nite White Whitening

Design Dentistry also offers a teeth whitening option that entire families can use for dental care right in the comfort and privacy of their homes. It’s called Nite White, and like Zoom Whitening, Nite White produces dramatic color improvements to yellow and discolored teeth.

Design Dentistry provides patients with custom-fitted trays and a supply of flavored hydrogen peroxide-based gel. Using the trays, patients apply the gel twice daily for 30 minutes. Total treatment time is spread out over two weeks and gives individuals dramatic teeth whitening results that last.

After You Whiten Your Teeth

The team at Design Dentistry recommends that individuals make some lifestyle changes to help maintain their newly rejuvenated smiles. People should limit their intake of food and drink that stains. Of course, smoking and tobacco use are off limits. Keeping routine dental exams and professional cleanings ensure healthy, bright smiles, too.

If you are keen to see the difference our dental services can make, peruse before and after images of our dental whitening work.

Learn more about our dental care partice

The dentists at Design Dentistry can help you decide if Zoom! or Nite White whitening are the right cosmetic options for you. They understand that a great looking, healthy smile is an outstanding personal asset that can serve you well for a lifetime.

Call Doctors Jensen, Moore, Martin or Mohebbi at (763) 537-1238 for an appointment.

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