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Our competitive society today has come to expect people to have beautiful smiles. Whether we need a boost in our self-esteem, are searching for the perfect partner or are trying to land our dream job – having a beautiful smile can play a very large role. Our available technologies today make this possible for virtually everyone.

At Smile Design Dentistry our formula for creating an ideal smile is different for everyone depending on their individual situation and their desired outcome. For some it might mean a little tooth reshaping and a whitening procedure while for others it may require bonding, orthodontics, gum reshaping, dental crown or veneers or even a full mouth reconstruction. What is most exciting for you is that with our 30 years of experience and having created thousands of beautiful smiles we can make your dreams become reality.

People Expect a Beautiful Smile

“Society today has come to expect people to have a beautiful smile.”

We love to use the analogy of building your dream home because it is so similar to the steps we take in building your new smile. You would never start by hiring a carpenter to come and begin framing the house without first creating a blue print. Never would you start building until you were certain that you had a strong foundation. Similarly, when designing a smile we start with a blue print and we need to be absolutely confident in our foundation. Once these are in place the sky is the limit in what we can create.

Our process begins with a thorough history, a discussion to find out what your goals are and then gathering information to work up options available. We will complete a comprehensive examination, gather x-rays, photographs and fabricate plaster models to begin our process.

Gain a New Smile and Renewed Confidence

In this case years of erosion and wear have caused both functional and esthetic problems.Plymouth MN dentists help you design the perfect smile

Once we have created a list of options we then like to sit down and in detail present the different treatments that are available and the pros and cons of each. We will focus heavily on occlusion, [how your bite functions] facial esthetics including how your teeth are revealed when you smile, and the symmetry, contour, and color of your teeth. View Before & After Images of our work examples.

In order for us to create a beautiful smile that will stand the test of time it is crucial that we first evaluate the function of your bite and correct it to ideal. This may include some Invisalign, traditional orthodontics, or crowns to reestablish a protected bite that will not only be beautiful but also will function well over the years.

What ever plan is chosen to give you a smile of a lifetime, at each stage of your smile design we gentle dentistry.

Gain a New Smile and Renewed Confidence

Our dentists have many years of experience and training in cosmetic dentistry and industry trends. With their eyes for beauty and carefully trained hands, they can help your smile reach its full potential. We also work with some of the best cosmetic dental laboratories in the world to ensure that each crown, veneer, and Invisalign® aligner is up to par and perfect for your smile.

Have you always wanted a more radiant smile? Are you unhappy with the current imperfections in your teeth? Learn more reasons why you should invest in your smile. Then call Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth today to schedule an appointment!

“Working with Dr. Jensen and his staff was fantastic from start to finish. I got the smile that I’ve dreamed of for years. I recommend Dr. Jensen and Smile Design Dentistry.” – Kris

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