Restore the Function and Health of Your Smile

Reconstructive Dentistry in Plymouth, MN by Smile Design DentistryBy the time we have reached adulthood, many of us have experienced an accident or have a heredity condition that impacts our smile – creating a need for reconstructive dentistry.

Smile Design Dentistry can restore your teeth, gums and/or jaw so that your smile is beautiful. When needed, reconstructive dental surgery is safe and effective. We would love to repair that for you and help you keep your beatiful smile.

Sometimes more extensive cosmetic and dental work is required to help you achieve a beautiful smile as well as optimal oral health and function. When disease, damage, or decay has significantly affected your oral health and smile, our dentists may recommend reconstructive dentistry. View the impressive personalized cosmetic results our orthodontic clients enjoy.

How Reconstructive Dentistry Can Help How Reconstructive Dentistry Can Help after a childhood accident

Should there happen to be an accident that occurs and impacts your teeth, restorative dentistry can make the difference that you or your child needs. Early detection and treatment are the best.

With reconstructive dentistry, we can:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Improve the function of the bite
  • Restore teeth that cracked, chipped, damaged, or decayed
  • Close gaps between the teeth
  • Help you eat and speak normally
  • Enhance the appearance of your smile

Modern Reconstructive Dental Services

We can correct most dental imperfections thanks to the advancements in modern reconstructive dentistry and oral surgery care. If your teeth are significantly damaged or decayed, there is hope. Call Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth today to learn more about reconstructive dentistry and how it can completely makeover your smile!

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