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Protecting Your Child’s Teeth in High-Risk Activities

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Accidents happen, especially when kids are involved in high-energy sports and activities. While we encourage children to stay active and enjoy their favorite sports, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks to their dental health. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Bertrand, and Dr. Moore, will provide essential guidance on good prevention tips and what to do if a tooth is knocked out. Let’s dive in and learn how to protect your child’s precious smile!

Prevention is Key

Taking preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of dental trauma. Here are some tips to safeguard your child’s teeth:

• Use appropriate protective gear, such as mouthguards, helmets, and
face shields.
• Ensure a properly fitted mouthguard is worn during high-risk
activities. We are happy to make a custom-fitting athletic guard for
your child. With our digital scanner technology, no goopy impressions
are even necessary!
• Teach your child proper technique and safety rules for their chosen sport.
• Regularly inspect sports equipment for any defects or damage that
could increase the risk of injury.
•Consider early orthodontic treatment for children with teeth that
flare out excessively.

What to Do If a Tooth Is Knocked Out

In the unfortunate event of a knocked-out tooth, time is of the essence. Follow these steps:

• Stay calm and locate the tooth.
• Hold it by the crown (top) and avoid touching the root.
• Rinse the tooth gently with milk or saline solution to remove debris.
• Try to reinsert the tooth back into the socket, if possible. If
not, place it in a container of milk or saliva to keep it moist.
• Contact our dental office immediately for emergency dental care.
• Keep a ‘save-a-tooth’ container handy in your home or sports team
first aid kit. these can be purchased on amazon and from other
retailers and will help to preserve the tooth longer in emergencies.

Protecting your child’s teeth during high-risk activities is crucial for maintaining their oral health and beautiful smile. By being proactive in preventive measures and knowing how to handle dental trauma, you can minimize the impact of potential accidents. If your child experiences a dental emergency, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Bertrand, and Dr. Moore are here to provide the necessary care and support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental office for prompt assistance and expert guidance. Stay proactive, stay safe, and enjoy all the activities your child loves!

Remember, your child’s smile is worth protecting. Contact Smile Design Dentistry to schedule a dental check-up and discuss any concerns about dental trauma or preventive measures. Our experienced team is here to help ensure your child’s dental well-being in Plymouth, MN.

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