Comprehensive Dentistry Services in Plymouth, MN

At Smile Design Dentistry, we understand that your oral health is closely related to and connected with your overall systemic health.

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and can give us clues as to the state of your overall health. Our comprehensive dentistry services offer everything that you and your family need from a dental practice. Many health disorders have signs and symptoms that first appear in the mouth and, conversely, many oral health problems have symptoms and signs that seem unrelated to dental issues.

Comprehensive Management of your Oral Health

At Smile Design Dentistry, your comprehensive management of your oral health begins at your first visit with an initial comprehensive exam. We purposefully allow more time at your initial appointment to permit us to get an accurate picture of your oral and overall health. At your initial exam, our team of dental health professionals will take the time needed to discuss your concerns, obtain photos of your present oral condition, and walk you through the findings of your initial exam. This allows us to work with you to understand your current condition, needs and options, whether you need a dental bridge, smile redesign, family Orthodontics, your wisdom teeth extracted, or another service. We believe that knowledge is power and hope through this appointment we can empower you to make the best decisions for your oral health.

What exactly does it mean to have a “comprehensive dental exam”? At Smile Design Dentistry, it means we are looking at the total patient. This begins with an accurate and complete medical history. Every member of our team will review your medical history to ensure we are addressing areas that may impact your oral health, impact our ability to safely deliver care, or have consequences for long-term treatment options. Please be prepared to discuss medications and health conditions in an open and compassionate manner. We consider ourselves as part of your overall healthcare team and want to make you fully aware of the interactions dentistry has with the entire body.

Next we will begin to collect records on your present dental condition. This will include X-rays based on your dental history, existing dental records, and present dental concerns. These are crucial to obtaining a complete picture of your dental health. We will also evaluate your gum health, soundness of existing fillings and crowns in your mouth, stability, and function of your bite, screen for oral cancer along with other head and neck abnormalities, evaluate your jaw for pain, noise, and dysfunction, and make note of any oral signs of underlying systemic health concerns.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment Plan

Once we have collected all this information it is time to sit with your Dentist and have a discussion. We believe in taking the time to review our findings with you so you are aware of your present dental and oral health condition. This will include a review of all options available to you. We never want a patient to leave feeling like we are pushing dental care on you. We do however want to educate you on all your options available and the consequences for your dental health. Ultimately you are in control of your health, our role as dental providers is to provide you with the information that allows YOU to make the best decision for your health.

Once you have completed your initial comprehensive exam, a treatment plan will be developed to address the needs discussed with your dentist. Beyond those treatment needs, the majority of which can be addressed in our one convenient location, you will be put on a recommended schedule for your dental cleanings based on the findings of your exam and your specific needs.

What is Covered Under our Comprehensive Dental Care

During your regular recall appointments at our office in Plymouth, we will:

• Provide an oral cancer screening

• Perform a blood pressure check

• Determine if there is any periodontal (gum) disease present. (As a note, gum disease is not only bad for your dental health but has been linked to many overall health disorders when left untreated)

• Update any needed x-rays and pictures based upon your specific needs

• Determine if there are any areas of decay or cavities that need to be addressed

• Review any concerns you have had over the last few months

• Answer any questions you may have regarding proposed treatment, along with providing you an treatment plan with cost estimates

• Provide you with a thorough teeth cleaning for a brighter smile and better health

Relationship-Based Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MN

Being a relationship focused practice; we hope to see you for many years in the future. As we visit through the years, beyond the enjoyment of seeing lives change and develop, we want to be a resource for you along the way. We also see first hand how life changes can impact your oral health. From pregnancy, moving to college, health changes, aging, stress, and everything in between we are here to inform, educate and guide you to preserve your oral health. We want you and your family to lead long and healthy lives with bright, beautiful smiles on your faces.

If you would like to learn more about how closely related your oral health is to your overall health, or if you would like to schedule a visit with one of our dentists, we invite you to call or visit Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth today.