When Would I Need A Tooth Crown Vs A Dental Veneer?

dental crowns and veneers laying on black reflective glass

While a dental veneer and a tooth crown in Plymouth, MN are cosmetic dentistry procedures that are both used to correct and aesthetically enhance the look of people’s smiles, there are specific reasons why each one is used. A dental veneer is a thin layer of material that is placed on the front surface of […]

Will My Teeth Be Prepared For A Tooth Crown Procedure?

Beautiful smile and white teeth of a young woman.

A tooth crown in Plymouth, MN is a type of dental restoration that is used to cap a weakened or damaged tooth or be attached to tooth replacement options like dental implants. Tooth crowns can also be used to give patients a better-looking smile. When people go for a tooth crown procedure, their natural tooth […]

Necessary Reasons To Get Full Mouth Dental Implants In Plymouth, MN

An image of a dentist holding a full mouth model.

When people have damaged or missing teeth, it can impact their dental function or the aesthetics of their smile. That is why they should consider going to a skilled dental professional so they can get treated with dental crowns or bridges in Plymouth, MN. By getting treated with crowns or bridges procedures, people are able […]