Why Beautiful Smiles Matter; Your Smile is An Important Personal Asset

Why Your Smile Matters

A stunning smile is an indication of more than just your enhanced physical appearance. This article by Smile Design Dentistry will help you better understand why your smile matters and is an important personal asset.

So what is it about a smile design that we should be aware or concerned about it? Does it really play that large of a role in our lives? For some people, it is very natural to smile, for others it is more of an effort. Should those who have to put in more effort do so? Do those who smile effortlessly and naturally truly have an advantage? Is it possible to smile too much? All of this is very thought-provoking and worthy of a deeper look.

First, let’s explore some of the benefits of a smile. There are social and health benefits of a great smile. I’m going to put together a partial list of reasons that I can come up with. I’m certain that if you think about it you can probably come up with more.

Facts Proving that Smiles Matter

  • Almost all of us, 99.7% believe that a smile is an important personal asset.
  • A majority of us believe we look best in photographs when we are smiling. Conversely, less than ¼ of us believe that we look best with our mouths closed
  • Almost ¾ of us believe that an unattractive smile can harm our chances in business.
  • Men with bad teeth have salaries that are on average 18% less than those with good teeth.
  • Women with bad teeth have salaries that are on average 11% lower than women with good teeth.
  • Smiling, in general, makes us more attractive. Which is obviously important if you are searching for or have a “significant other”.
  • Smiling can change your mood. Just try it sometime if you are feeling down or out of sorts. You may surprise yourself with the change in how you feel.
  • Closely related to that is smiling is contagious. If you smile other people are more likely to smile. This “contagion” can quickly alter the mood of you and others.
  • Also closely related is the effect smiling can have on stress. Smiling can actually reduce the stress you are feeling. Stress can cause your immune system to be less effective and smiling can negate that effect. What’s more smiling can actually go beyond negating the negative that stress puts on your immune system by boosting it!
  • Another health benefit if smiling is that it has been shown to lower your blood pressure.
  • Smiling can release endorphins into your system. Endorphins can give you that feeling of happiness.
  • You are perceived as younger when you smile.

Why beautiful smiles matter? Because we all Love a Great Up-close SmileWe all Love a Great Up-close Smile

So with all these positives (and probably more than you are thinking of yourself) what could possibly be the downside of smiling? Well, the only reason I can think of is that sometimes people need to know you mean business. No matter if you in a teaching moment with your child or in a tough negotiation trying to get what you want, sometimes the serious face has to rule. But even with that, what typically happens at the end of the teaching moment or negotiation? You guessed it! We smile. It is very reassuring to know the tough conversation is over and we can once again be cordial with each other. It seems like no matter what the smile rules in the end. That is why you may want to consider rejuvenating your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Why are Americans so Obsessed with Having Perfect Teeth?

That probably comes from many factors. One may be due to the influence of TV and movies. The actors and actresses always seem to have great teeth. As we see this over and over it becomes ingrained in us that if we want to be like them we need great teeth and a great smile.

Another reason we become obsessed is that we look at our teeth every day. We see them in the morning as look in the mirror preparing for the day, we see them at night as we brush and prepare to go to bed. If there are any imperfections or things we would like to change seeing it multiple times every day can create an obsession to get it fixed. A mostly healthy obsession but an obsession none-the-less; it may help you ensure that you never face a dental infection. After all, there are far worse things you can be obsessed with.

Is a smile the most important thing in life? Probably not the most important but it can be a good indicator on how you feel about the other aspects of your life. A genuine smile reflects happiness in an individual. People who are basically happy will generally smile more. So a smile isn’t so much the most important thing in your life as it is a barometer or window on how the truly important things are going in your life.

Smiling is so Powerful – Don’t Miss its Benefits

You may be the person who does not smile much and there may be a good reason for it. Perhaps you are unhappy with your teeth when you look into a mirror and it makes you self- conscious about your smile. Have you ever seen people put their hand in front of their mouth when they speak or laugh? Have you ever noticed the person who sits for a picture and grins, without showing teeth? These are cues that this is a person who has become self-conscious about the beauty of their smile and is reluctant to show others their teeth for fear of being judged.

If you are one of these people what should you do about your smile? Should you do anything about your smile? The decision is a very personal matter and potentially a life-changing decision. There are many dentistry-related questions you may go through internally and by asking others.

Answering Dental Patients Top Questions About Their “Smile”

  • What should be the best thing about my smile? Straight or white? The best thing about your smile should be the confidence you have in using it. Usually, the combination of straight and white is best as it suggests health and youthfulness.
  • After going through cosmetic dental care will my smile look natural? The answer should be yes. But it will be dependent on the level of care you receive from your dentist so choose wisely. Dentists have varying levels of skill and you want a highly-skilled dentist that you will love to be in charge of your care. (Also, see answer below.) What treatments are available to help with my smile? There are many treatments available to help you receive the smile you want.
  • It seems every dentist lists themselves as cosmetic. Are they all good? This is a great question. If you are considering cosmetic dental care be careful in selecting a dentist. Any dentist can say they do cosmetic care but the reality is that to have it done correctly the dentist has to be artistic along with being able to create something you can use to chew and bite normally. It can take a lot of education and years of experience for a dentist to attain that level of ability. So check the dentist’s education look for before and after photos and most importantly speak with them. This is a huge decision that will impact the rest of your life so do your due diligence before choosing a provider.
  • What are the costs of different cosmetic treatments? Costs can really vary depending on exactly what you need and want. From a few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Your dentist will be able to provide you a cost estimate once you have discussed your goals with them.

What smile treatments are available for smile enhancements?

  • Take Home whitening trays. These will whiten your teeth over a period of a couple of weeks. Safe and very effective at removing common teeth stains like wine and tobacco use. Take home whitening can even be effective against the toughest stains that come from anti-biotics use
  • In-office whitening. Your local dental provider offers additional smile whitening opportunities. Request a consultation to learn more.
  • Braces. This treatment is still very effective for straightening your teeth. These can be traditional wire braces or newer Invisalign braces that are clear and a very popular choice among adults.
  • Composite. This is bonding material that can be placed on teeth to do minor shaping and coloring on teeth.
  • Veneers. A very popular choice for providing a great smile. This is a porcelain covering that is placed over the front of your tooth. It can shape the tooth and be made any shade of white you want. When used in conjunction with braces it can really provide the dazzling Hollywood smile.
  • Implants. These are a great option if you are missing teeth. It is a permanent solution to the missing tooth and can be made any shade of white you wish.

How to Improve Your Smile

Know that you know more about why beautiful smiles matter; we can help you plan how to improve yours.

I hope this discussion has helped explain why your smile matters. Attaining the smile you always wanted is probably a goal worth an investment on your end, especially when you consider all the benefits you receive from it. It will pay dividends each time you smile. We are a patient-focused dentistry and are happy to discuss the best dental services to improve your smile.

Smiling can’t be resisted. A smile is universal and intercultural! No matter where you go, you don’t need an interpreter. Call to gain your smile design consultation today. 763-537-1238

Author Brian DennBrian Denn is the Clinic Manager at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, Minnesota. Brian has over 25 years of dental practice management involving making practices run smoother and patient experiences better. He also leads a dental practice managers group staying abreast of the latest dental practice management trends.

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