Patient Focused Dentistry in the Twin Cities

Family and Patient Focused Dentistry in the Twin Cities

Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, Minnesota is a patient and family focused dental office.

We know you have heard that before, about a dental office being patient-focused. But what exactly does that mean? What’s good for me and my family’s dental care? Some call it the understanding and practice of patient‐centered care (PCC) within dentistry. Some call it person-centered care. We focus on what matters to you when you choose our dental office and dental staff.

Dr. Corey Jensen and Dr. Brett Moore at Smile Design Dentistry are very focused on being patient and family focused and I can tell you what it means to them so you can judge for yourself if you feel it would be good for your care. We seek to provide great patient dental experiences in every interaction, each phone call, every office visit, every time. To meet your expectations, we anticipate them and plan for your best dental experience well in advance.

How Smile Design Dentistry Focuses on our Patients and the Families we Serve

1) Patient and family focused starts with the phone call.

  • When you called was the phone picked up within a couple of rings or did it ring and ring or worse, go to voicemail?
  • Was the phone personally answered over lunch or again did it go to voicemail when you have your free time at work to make personal calls?
  • If the phone was promptly answered was the voice pleasant? Did they identify themselves? Did they offer to help?
  • Was the reason for your call handled in a pleasant, professional manner?

2) Patient and family-focused continues when you enter the dental office.

  • Were you warmly greeted? Or better, were you warmly greeted by name? It is very nice to know your dental office cares enough to remember your name!
  • Was the office clean and in order?
  • Did the hygienist or assistant receive you with a cold “Next!” shout out in the reception area or were you greeted with another smile from someone happy to see you?

3) Patient and family focused means your time is important.

  • Were you seen within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment?
  • If you were not taken back more than 10 minutes beyond your appointed time, were you informed on when you will be seen?
  • Did the staff offer an apology if they were late in seeing you?

Items 1-3 listed above is simply what needs to happen in a patient-centered office before you even see your hygienist or doctor. Patient-centered is not just the time spent with the hygienist or doctor. It is your whole experience, including before and after your appointment that will help set a patient-centered practice apart from the rest.

4) Patient and family-focused means you get to see the hygienist or doctor you want.

Is the care provided very personal? Are you afforded the opportunity to state which hygienist or doctor you prefer to see? Were you given tips for preventive dental care to use going forward?

5) Patient and family-focused means the time needed for your care is provided.

  • Did your hygienist or doctor seem rushed or were they pretty focused on you?
  • Were you warmly greeted by them?
  • Was your overall health reviewed or were you just another moth with teeth to them?
  • Did the doctor or hygienist care enough about you to catch up with you a little on what has been personally going on in your life or was it just get down to business and talk about teeth?

6) Patient and family-focused means you are informed on your care.

  • Did the doctor or hygienist review with you what would be done for the day to make sure your expectations are met?
  • If a treatment, like oral surgery, is needed is it clearly explained why the care is necessary?
  • Were you shown x-rays or actual pictures of your teeth as an aid to educate you on the reason care is recommended?
  • Were you presented with options and current dental trends for your care? Did the dentist talk about the impact of your option to decline care? (Going forward with care is your choice!)
  • Was the time needed for your appointment made clear so you know how to budget your time.
  • Were fees clearly explained so you knew what the costs will be.
  • If you have dental coverage did the administrative staff help to explain how your dental benefits work and help with estimating how much coverage you may receive?
  • If treatment was significant were you given dental payment options to make the care affordable for you?
  • Were you provided with a copy of written estimates for your care?
  • If your care was not urgent and you wanted more firm estimate numbers, was the administrative staff able to send a pre-treatment estimate? This type of patient care can be sent directly to your insurance company. Then did they call you after the insurance company replied to make sure that you understood what their written estimate was saying?

7) Patient and family-focused care doesn’t end when your treatment is finished.

  • Did the office care enough to say goodbye when you were finished and not just coldly show you the door and say “Next!” to whoever was there?
  • Did the doctor or staff follow up with an aftercare call to make sure that everything is ok on your end after treatment?
  • If you feel you do need some follow up care was your dentist able to get you back in a timely manner for whatever concerns you may have? And, did they do this happily for you?
  • Did you understand your dental costs? Was billing done correctly to you and/or your insurance company?

8) Patient and family-focused dental care means they can actually do most services you need right there in the dental office and the services reflect the most up-to-date procedures.Family centered and Patient-focused dentistry in Plymouth ,  MN

  • If you want to bring your young child to the dentist, are you given a referral slip to a pedodontist or is your child able to go to the same clinic as yourself?
  • After learning that your child needs braces are you given a referral slip to go elsewhere for an orthodontist or can the braces be done right there?
  • When you are in pain and need a root canal are you given a referral slip to see an endodontist elsewhere or are the doctors trained to take care of you right there?
  • If you are a senior who needs gum treatment, are you given a referral slip to go elsewhere and see a periodontist? Or are the hygienists trained to take care of you right there?
  • When pressed to have your wisdom teeth removed are you given a referral slip to go elsewhere and see oral surgeons do they have doctors trained to take care of you right there?
  • If you need an implant (treatment to replace missing teeth) are you given a referral slip to go elsewhere or can they take care of you right there?
  • Does your doctor and hygienist take continuing education to stay abreast of the latest dental procedures and patient care?

“A great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a highly coordinated approach across the whole organization, with a commitment from the top of the business to put the customer at that heart of all decision-making”. – Adobe

The care for your family is personal and important. Dr. Corey Jensen and Dr. Brett Moore strive hard to provide everything described above to give everyone who enters Smile Design Dentistry a patient and family focused practice. We are not a dental practice based on seeing how many people can be moved through in a day; we are built on customer service, trust, and personal relationships. That can only be attained at our patient and family-focused office!

Call us and schedule a time to come in. (763) 537-1238

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