Why You Should Love Your Dentist

I should love my dentist! Shouldn’t I?

Let’s face it, when it comes to the things that you love, your dentist or a dental visit usually isn’t one of the first things you typically think of.

In fact, there are many reasons why you may not love going to your dentist but I would like to explore a few reasons why you may want to re-evaluate your thoughts about your dentist and if not love, then perhaps, like him or her a little more.

7 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Dentist

1) Because you can smile with confidence knowing that you look great!

Remember how your teeth feel before that visit to your hygienist and dentist? Now think about how they feel after that visit. It’s tough to beat that squeaky clean feeling you get after your regular dental visit. I’ll bet you even smile a little more after leaving, showing off those pearly white teeth to whomever you meet. At Smile Design Dentistry Dr. Jensen and Dr. Moore will help you to feel good about yourself and smile with confidence. This is reason #1 to love your dentist (and hygienist).

2) Because we are here when you need us

Having that “Go-To” person. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with your face swollen and throbbing? Have you ever had a tooth chip or break because of an accident? Or, have you ever noticed that zinger or discomfort when eating sweets or taking a breath of cold air? Have you worried if this means a dental emergency? If you have experienced any of those conditions then you know all-to-well how reassuring it is to have a dentist you know and trust be there for you when you need them. At Smile Design Dentistry Dr. Jensen and Dr. Moore will provide you with their personal cell phone numbers so no matter if it is on the weekend or middle of the night you will be able to reach a doctor to help alleviate your tooth pain or repair a broken tooth. Knowing that your dentist cares and is there whenever you need them is a great reason to love your dentist.

3) Because our dental office will protect you from unnecessary pain

Taking it a step further from reason number two, having someone to help you when you are in pain is great but it is equally as good to know your dentist will protect you from unnecessary dental pain. This happens at your regular dental visits when Dr. Jensen or Dr. Moore does your exam and takes x-rays. Those x-rays help to find tooth problems when they are small before they grow into something large and painful. They also may identify old fillings that may need replacing.

This way if there are problems you can schedule them to be repaired at your convenience feeling fully informed of your dental costs and options. Prevention is a key to giving you fewer dental problems but by catching dental problems early, your dentist can also make your care far less costly than waiting until dental problems become large and painful.

4) Because you can own your dream of having a pearly, white smile

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the morning, looked at your teeth and thought “My teeth look dark. I wonder how I can get them whiter?” or “My teeth look crooked. Is there any way I can straighten them.” Or “I really wish I had that great smile with perfect teeth!” The fact is your dentist can probably provide many cosmetic options to give you the smile you want. At Smile Design Dentistry Dr. Jensen and Dr. Moore are highly skilled in many dental disciplines and ensure your safety when at our dental office.

Between them they can do orthodontics, implants, crowns, cosmetic veneers, cosmetic bonding and simple whitening. If you always dreamed of having a pearly, white smile then number four is definitely for you as a reason to love your dentist. Just ask them. They would love to guide you down a path and show you options on how you can love your smile again and love your dentist in the process.

5) Because you can enjoy the benefits of great oral habits for a lifetime

Do you love biting into a crisp, juicy apple, eating a nice thick steak or gobbling down some sweetcorn? If you do then this is another reason to love your dentist. They are passionate about prevention, protecting you from bad oral habits and maintaining your dental health. Keeping up with regular dental visits and good habits will go a long way towards keeping your teeth for a lifetime and enjoying the foods you love with your natural teeth. Your dentist values great teeth because they know you will reap the benefits over a lifetime. Knowing that your dentist works hard and is passionate about your smile gives you the reassurance that you will be able to maintain the form and function of your teeth so you can count on using them for a lifetime of apples, sweetcorn and steak!

6) Because you will love our welcoming dental staff

General dentistry has changed a lot over the years and Drs. Jensen and Moore go to many, many hours of continuing education each year to stay on the cutting edge of comfortable, beautiful dental care. It used to be that a visit to the dentist was associated with pain. Both the pain you felt from your tooth problem then the pain you felt as you sat in the dental chair with a mouthful of dental equipment while your doctor treated the issue. Then years later the pain changed to verbal as you received lectures from your hygienist or dentist because you may not have been as dutiful as you could have with your home care to avoid a dental infection.

Great news regarding these issues! Dentists have come to realize that if the experience in the dental office was painful or you were made to feel guilty when you visited you may not return or you may put off returning. Your dentist is working hard to provide a great dental patient experience. At Smile Design this means no discomfort during treatment and education vs. lecturing. Having a patient enter who is happy and not fearful is much more enjoyable for Dr. Jensen and Dr. Moore as well as yourself. Providing an environment where you can enjoy, or dare I say, love, coming to the dentist provides a much more enjoyable experience for your dentist as well as yourself. Win-win!

7) Because we work hard to make it rewarding to go to the dentist

Getting back to the great dental patient experience dentists realize that many of us formed our opinion about our dentist and dental office in our childhood. Some people have expereinced unnecessary dental anxiety for years. What you witness now in a dental office is children running down the hall to see their dentist and hygienist vs. crying and being dragged in the door by a parent. Why is this? Well, children do not associate the dentist with pain.

They associate it with the prize box at the end of a great dental visit. Now, usually, the toughest thing for a child about their dental visit to Smile Design Dentistry is trying to choose which prize or sticker they want at the end. Parents, you don’t get left off the prize bus either. Odds are you will walk out with a goodie bag of a new toothbrush, floss or other dental care items. Again, your dentist wants to do as much as they can to give you an enjoyable experience when you visit their office. We are happy to answer your questions about dental insurance coverage.

Our Dentists Can Help You Love Your Smile Again

Depending on your age you have probably seen many changes in your dental office over the years. You probably know your dentist and hygienist on a personal level as you exchange stories about yourself, children or experiences when you visit every 6 months. So yes, re-evaluate your thoughts about your dentist and share some love.

“Love your dentist: If you want your kids to happily go to the dentist, speak in a positive manner about appointments. Children pick up on their parents’ moods and attitudes, so view your dental practitioner as your friend in health, and your sons and daughters will, too. If you dread having dental work done, work on your attitude, because your kids will adopt that stance, as well.” – theparentspot.com


These relationships coupled with the knowledge that your dentist will guide you in oral care and be there when you need them for any dental issues that arise provides the base where yes, you can love your dentist!


Brian Denn is the Clinic Manager at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, Minnesota. Brian has over 25 years of dental practice management involving making practices run smoother and patient experiences better. He also leads a dental practice managers group staying abreast of the latest dental practice management trends.

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