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Dr. Corey Jensen’s Bio Dr Corey Jensen at Smile Design Dentistry in Plymouth, MN

Corey Jensen DDS’s passion for dentistry started early in life by working at his father’s dental office in Hastings, Minnesota.

In addition to his father being a great dentist he was also a skilled craftsman passing on many of his interests and skills onto his son. In his youth, Dr. Jensen was a very accomplished swimmer being ranked Top 10 in the nation multiple times. He graduated from high school with honors in 1978 and from there, spent the next four years at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. After graduating Cum Laude, with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry, he attended the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Upon completing his formal education in 1986 he was given the opportunity to spend an additional year in a General Practice Residency, also at the University of Minnesota where he gained experience managing more of the difficult problems we face in dentistry.

Since starting in private practice in 1987, Dr. Jensen has accumulated over 2,300 additional hours of advanced education, including 2 years of advanced training in orthodontics, years of training on restoring complex bite problems and many hours studying the fine art of cosmetic dentistry. In 1994, he received the distinguished FELLOWSHIP AWARD from the Academy of General Dentistry in recognition of his many academic achievements. In June of 2015, he received the coveted recognition of “MASTER” in the ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY which places him in a very small esteemed group of the top dentists in America.

With his years of experience and devotion to learning, he has developed extraordinary skills in many areas of cosmetic dentistry, but his deepest passion is with family, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. Dr. Jensen is a past board member of the Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and over the years has created thousands of the most beautiful smiles found in the Twin Cities.


Over the last two decades Dr. Corey Jensen has been consistently recognized by his peers as “TOP DENTIST” and “TOP COSMETIC DENTIST” in the Mpls/St Paul Magazine. He also has repeatedly been recognized as a “HALL OF FAME DENTIST” for his ongoing pursuit of excellence.
Over his career, Dr. Jensen has developed Smile Design Dentistry into one of the most highly respected dental practices in Minnesota. The practice has been built on 3 pillars: 1. Exceptional care from highly educated professionals 2. Strong relationships between our caring team and our patients and 3. High integrity – doing what is right for our patients- always. By continuing to lead his team towards advanced education, continued growth and a focus on excellence, our patients can be confident in the exceptional care they will receive.

Dr. Jensen membership have included the:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Minnesota Dental Association
  • Minnesota Academy of General Dentistry
  • Minneapolis District Dental Society
  • Studio e
  • 21st Century Study Club
  • MN Academy of Cosmetic Dentisty
  • Pankey Institute
  • Spear Institute
  • Progressive Orthodontics

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Jensen and his wife have raised their two children in the city of Medicine Lake. During this time he has been involved with many organizations in the area. Many of Dr. Jensen’s interests revolve around new experiences, new learning and adventure. His love for travel has taken him around the world looking for excitement whether downhill skiing in the mountains, windsurfing in the ocean, hiking, biking, water skiing, spearfishing Lionfish, ocean fishing, dog sledding, sailing or simply walking a beach. Dr. Jensen is also always looking for new ways to grow like learning cabinet making, bronze sculpting, gardening and building on personal growth with Tony Robbins.

Dr Corey Jensen DDS – strong commitment to quality dental care

It is Dr. Jensen’s belief that dentistry is changing and not necessarily for the better. With corporations moving in and buying up small offices and forcing the “corporate model” he feels that quality of care is slipping, building patient relationships is a thing of the past and patients are not always being treated with their needs first. By sticking to the foundation of the Smile Design Dentistry principles he believes that patients are smart and understand the differences between our style of practice and others out there. It is his goal to remain as a modern, private dental practice and continue to give patients the time and care that they deserve.

Dr. Jensen quotes: “I have never been more excited and passionate about going to work. I have built so many amazing relationships over my career that going to the office is going to see my friends – every day. With my years of education and experience, I am excited knowing that I have the tools to provide the highest level of dental patient safety and oral care available. The appreciation that I am given daily makes it an honor to serve the thousands of patients we have in our practice.”

Dr. Jensen ends with his favorite quote, “Do on to others as you would have done onto you.” In his studies with Tony Robbins, he heard a version that he actually prefers and hopes to build as the core to Smile Design Dentistry “DO ONTO OTHERS BEYOND WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT DONE ONTO YOU.” Wouldn’t this make the world a better place?

I’m a MAGD dentist! Dr Corey Jensen DDS, Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

What does that mean for you and your family?

MAGD stands for Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. Earning Mastership takes dedication to dental continuing education (CE) beyond graduation. Less than 2 percent of general dentists in the U.S. and Canada are AGD Masters. When you see a dentist with MAGD after their name, you can rest assured that they care about knowing the latest techniques and best practices in dentistry. AGD Masters practice these techniques in a classroom setting multiple times a year — not every dentist does this.

To become an AGD Master, a dentist must:

  • Complete over 1,100 credit hours of CE.
  • Earn 400 of those 1,100 credits in hands-on courses.
  • Pass an exam equal in difficulty to board certification exams.


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